Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Leila turns 50, you might as well know...so you forgive the giant FAIL she has perpetrated.

Yes, you might as well know...since it's all over the interwebs already.

And I admit to a significant FAIL, in that this is not my Christmas -- or Candlemas -- or Lent -- or even Pentecost yearbook/newsletter... you know, the one I promised you!

What can I say. Despite my best efforts, I have been dragged into a new era in which I no longer have focused assistants, ready and able to devote their creative abilities to help me get things like a yearbook done.

I have to figure out a new way to bring you the year's news -- other than via blog, with pictures, which keeps you up to date -- no, make that TWO blogs!! Not sure what you're complaining about...oh, you mean the "overheards"? Yeah, I don't have assistants taking notes on the hilarious and witty things said around here, either....

Instead, these amazingly creative, intense, and driven people got together and gave me a birthday bash. It lasted all weekend.

So for now, you might as well enjoy the lovely party...I'll show you in pictures, okay?

Last-minute frosting of cakes is a tradition in these parts!
If we're not at the party, we're frosting the cake!

I want you to see the goodness concealed in there:

That would be layers of lemon curd alternated with whipped cream, oh yeah.

The idea was to have a tea party at which one wore hats, pearls, and even gloves....

It never hurts for the hostess, the warm, welcoming Nancy Bell, to have a beautiful 18th century tavern with glorious grounds, setting off the lovely ladies to wonderful effect.

 Deirdre and Natasha adorn themselves with the youngest party-goers.

Someone makes darned sure she samples everything!

 I don't know if you can see the bird on Habou's hat:

I love how many sweet girls joined us! Bridget is on the left with the big pink flower!

 Natasha, above...and Sukie, below...


I didn't know anything about any of this until a couple of weeks before (when I found myself wondering why my name was on someone's wedding invitation, so elegant was what I received in the mail).

They all (except Philip, Rosie's husband, who had to hold Fort Sill together in Rosie's absence) converged. The day after the party Habou made me a wonderful family shish-kebab dinner for the family.

It was a birthday-bash-reunion!

We had delicious baba-ghanoush...

Wonderful lamb-kebabs...

Leftover desserts...

No picture of us all together, of course. Sigh.

I had a lovely weekend. How delightful to see everyone unexpectedly (well, I had about two weeks' warning)! What a blessing!

Here you see Will playing with my birthday present, which promises to do everything for me...except get them in one place for a picture.