Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Lawler Family Yearbook for 2008!

For many years now we have been sending our "yearbook" to friends and family along with our Christmas cards. Some years I'm a little late -- I'm never early -- some years I'm very late. This year I'm so late it's Valentine's Day already...

But to make up for it we are going online with it -- with pictures (which I am normally too disorganized to produce).
And even if you have seen this editorial content, you will be treated here on the blog with our new feature -- outtakes!!

We are pathetically happy when you leave a comment! Please do!!

Editor’s Note: What a year this has been for us! Phil’s book, The Faithful Departed, was published by Encounter Books in February.
And we are so very happy to announce that Rosie is engaged to Philip Turner, a fine young man she’s known for going on ten years now, and the son of very good friends of ours. Their strong friendship suddenly blossomed into something more. Everyone is so excited!

Please keep in touch, even if you follow our example in tardiness. Better late than never, I always say!

A blessed year to all,
Leila, Phil, and family
Bridget, 12, Homeschool, 7th grade

In 2008, Bridget Loved: Visiting Nick in San Francisco with Mama and Papa in April, and going to Cape Cod for a week in the summer with the whole family.

With Natasha in San Francisco

She Hated: Getting the back of her legs sunburned on the beach.
She Often: Plays her violin (Aunt Fran’s gift, much beloved).
She’s Looking Forward To: Being a bridesmaid!
She Recommends: Silas Marner, Kit Kittredge

Bridget with Christine Preuss

There are a lot of Preusses. And we love them all.

Bridget: Could somebody hand me a chip? Preferably Rosie, and preferably with her left hand?

Bridget [complaining about being teased]: I'm just a child.
Nick: You are just a child.
Bridget: Shh!

Bridget [to Will]: I just creepily kissed your head.

"Takes more than a gun to kill a man
I ain't afraid to die."
- Bridget’s original composition, used on her gmail status for a while.

Bridget: Deirdre, make our beds. Or I will say, "Fie upon you! Now I will hit you with my bunny!" [quoting Rosie!]

Suki: Wait -- why was the White Witch in it? [Prince Caspian, the movie]
Bridget: Well, she's there in an “existence but not in essence” kind of thing.


William, 17, Senior, Nashoba High School

Loved: Becoming a certified EMT.
Hated: Being bitten by a rabid bat while painting the house and having to practically inhabit the ER for his shots. And even more: college applications.
Often: Reads.
Looking Forward To: Being done with high school.
Recommends: Jumping off a very high bridge in the next town into the river on a hot summer day. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Checking out a hole in the eaves maybe with an object before sticking your hand in.

Will: “It must be tough operating with half your brain missing.”
Suki [speechless for a moment].
Will: “ … apparently where your “comeback” center is located.”

[Will has had a job at the International Golf Club for a long time now. He’s actually assistant manager of the guest lodge and conference center, where they often have weddings.]
Guest: “We are looking for the assistant wedding planner.”
Will: “There is no assistant wedding planner.”
Guest: “His name is Will.”
Will [pauses with an interior groan]: “That…would… be…me.”

Will: You have the reflexes of a kind of old cat.

Will: Can we just have you two have a cage match and end this right here? Tell you what -- Pop gets a knife and a baseball bat; Mom gets a faulty revolver.


Deirdre, 20, Catholic University of America, Sophomore, majoring in philosophy


Loved: Having the Pope visit my campus; having amazing friends at school.
Hated: Doubling up first-semester RA responsibilities with extra coursework (finals week was no picnic).
Often: Has meetings. Records many of the quotes you read here. Which is why we don’t have any from her.
Looking Forward To: Turning 21 (more for the opportunities to dance than for the alcohol).
Recommends: Kit Kittredge. Going on retreat with Msgr. Reilly in New York to learn sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics.


Joseph, 22, Collegiate Network Fellow, Writer/researcher, The American Spectator

Loved: Graduating from Notre Dame; ALCS game 5.

Hated: ALCS game 7; people who listen to music on their headphones in a public place so loud you can hear it.
Often: Joins the girls for Sunday brunch at their apartment which is across the driveway from his.
Looks Forward To: Having his Econ paper published in a professional journal.
Recommends: The Dark Knight, Flight of the Conchords, all Dr. Scholl's and Gold Bond products for anyone who is even thinking about going for a run.

Jojo: That’s my preferred mode of procrastinating: PREcrastination. It’s what I do to get started procrastinating.

Jojo: Pop, it was disgusting. It was like drinking a nightmare.

[Joseph and Nick were bunking together, which perhaps influenced Nick's perception of what year it was. Joseph's alarm went off.]
Nick: Dude, it's mad early!
Jojo: It's early, but it's not the nineties.

Jojo: Bridget, come into the kitchen with me for a sec.
Bridget: No.
Jojo: No, I promise I won't teach you calculus. I just want to show you something.

Bridget: Joseph! OOWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Jojo: Oh, yeah, that's true; sometimes my fingers are like giant whips.

When our power went out...

Will: Fudge is not good.
Jojo: Will, I'm starting to actually like you!


Suzanne, George Washington University, Senior, majoring in music.

Loved: The Pope's visit – having him drive by one block from her school and going to the Mass.
Often: Worries that she’s not practicing enough.
Looking Forward To: Graduating at long last.
Recommends: Camping on Assateague Island.


Mary Rosaleen, Teacher, Trinity School at Meadow View

Loved: Hosting the whole family for Easter at her apartment. (Except Will, who spent Easter with the monks.)

Often: Looks at her engagement ring.
The engagement blessing before or after...

Recommends: Diamonds and sapphires.

Philip's first liberty from Officer Candidate School

Looking Forward To: Take a wild guess.
Nicholas, Managing Director, Maverick Capital

Loved: Amazon Prime (more books, cheaper), Amazon Kindle (ditto), Gold.
Hated [well, does not recommend]: Long-dated US Treasuries
Often: Plays Wii Fit
Looking Forward To: A month’s sabbatical.
Recommends: Hussman Strategic Growth Fund (HSGFX); (an organization that allows individuals to make loans to needy entrepreneurs all over the world).

The girls with Lorraine and Natasha

Nick: I would never deign to choose a dress for a woman.
Suki: I think you mean dare?
Mom: ‘I do not think that word means what you think it means.’
Nick: I... think… it conveys the confusion I would feel on the subject.

Habou: I just hate December birthdays.
Annie: Is your birthday in December?
Habou: Yeah. It always has been.

Bridget: I would like some.
Pop: Well then get some!! What do you think this is, a welfare state?!

Habou: Could you get me a glass of wine? It's WAY past my cocktail hour.
Suki: What kind would you like.
Habou: Oh my goodness, it's 6:18! It doesn't matter!

Mom: Well, if I had known then what I know now, which is that your kids turn on you, I would have spent more on Christmas music.

Will: How are you?
Pop: Well, I'm not certifiably insane...

Pop [reading a manual with increasing irritation.] : Geez! 'Warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning!'
Jojo: Pop, it's a chainsaw.


Anne R Triolo said...

Oh, very good! I laughed several times reading this post.

I also enjoyed that I made it into the quotes, even if I was just the straight man. :P

Lots of great pictures.

M. Alexander said...

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Jen said...

I was excited to receive my Lawler family news this year!

I had a dream with Leila in it recently. Wish I could remember what it was about.

Carrie said...

I don't know any of you (you're a blog of a blog of a blog), but you make for fun reading.

Victoria said...

Joseph, I thought I saw a mole on your back in the sunbaking picture.
I am from Australia and so I know about this stuff. Don't sunbake if you have moles and get all moles checked out regularly.

I discovered I had a cancerous mole which was probably the result of sunbaking as a teenager some forty years ago!