Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn leaves more permanent than a firework...but impermanent

Autumn gives me a crazy feeling of impermanence. I'll just throw that out there.

I thought you might enjoy this picture, which combines the firework aspect of this tree, bursting for weeks above the house, with a little glimpse of "after" for the painting.
In the back, this tree is dumping its leaves on the deck. You really only appreciate its beauty this way!

Sometimes I think we'll only ever paint any more.

Today, the porch floor, conveniently edited from this picture!


Suki said...

Wow. That first picture of the house is so beautiful. I want to go home!!

Anne R Triolo said...

It's looking great!

You sure did take on a lot of projects this summer! I'm glad we're having a nice warm sunny spell this fall.

Leila said...

In that first picture, our house could be so small!

Yes, Annie, we are nuts, and the good Lord has rescued us by sending us warm weather. Otherwise...