Thursday, September 25, 2008

In which William gets bitten by a rabid bat, and the house takes another step towards becoming its true self.

I don't mean to make my posts long, but here goes. A lot has been happening!

As you know, we've had the plan to paint the house one side at a time. This year it's the front. Which is vast.

We also decided we needed to get serious about keeping the kitchen warm. That old insert was a joke! It kept itself warm using my body heat! I hate it!

We found a new one and dear Mike from Complete Heat in Nashua said that we needed a 60' boom to enable him to work on the chimney liner. I don't blame him for not wanting to perch on a ladder on top of our roof 40' up in the air and try hoisting a steel liner with insulation over his head. I get it. (The chimney in question is the one on the left, not the higher one! It's pretty darned high. Whose idea was it to buy this house anyway.)

Still, that thing is expensive. But he made the excellent point that we could rent it on a Friday and keep it all weekend and get to all the high parts of the house without endangering our lives too!
Quite Providential as you will see.

So we rented this blue boom, which the rental guy said was just the right boom, and the chimney guys came. An hour into his puttering around with it, one of them comes to me and says, "I have bad news."

The boom is not big enough! You are kidding me. This thing is putting ruts the size of a young creek in my lawn and it's not big enough? No.

But here's where the first part of The Amazing Workings Of Providence comes in: since the rental guy was not correct about the boom, we got the weekend free! We used that thing like crazy and got a ton of painting done in places that were going to be a challenge, to say the least. Here is Will with his buddy Bobby, who also did lots of work.

And here is where the second part of TAWOP comes in: since Will was on the platform of the boom, safely surrounded by its safety features, when he put his hand into a hole in the eave to check whether a squirrel could fit in there and a bat bit him and came out still attached to his hand, he didn't fall off the ladder he would have otherwise been on! He was so completely freaked out by this unexpected crazy happening that I have no doubt he would have gone flying off a ladder. Thank goodness he was in that bucket.

I urged him to put it in the empty paint can he had up there, and we actually got the bat tested. Yes, it was rabid! I was shocked. Who thought we had rabid bats? So far Will has had 3 of his five shots...and he has also acquired amazing superpowers, so that the work has already progressed this much with the very little time he has to devote to it:

The next week we got this orange boom, which is more reach-worthy for our chimney but not as expensive as the blue one (and also has the amazing sanity-saving feature of being able to shut off the beeping from the platform). It makes just as big ruts in the lawn though!

So Mike went up there and finished up the job, the house got closer to its true beauty, and I now have a fabulous wood stove insert in the fireplace. I also found out that my fireplace is sort of good looking (it might need a mantel at some point), and that's a satisfaction as well.

(I'll post pictures of the completed kitchen soon.) (It's not completed yet.)
And Phil and Bridget got a ride up 60' in the air with Mike. The stinkers went up while I was out for one minute changing my clothes.


Rosie said...

Wow, the house is going to look beeeau-ti-ful!

And you're right - the fireplace really is secretly good-looking! Who knew?

Nefertitichild said...


All that is SO exciting!! I cannot WAIT to see everything finished! What an amazing makeover!...

The house is going to be soo gorgeous!!

Suki said...

It all looks so perfect (or on its way to being perfect!). I can't wait! Will and Bobby have empty beer bottles up there with them?!!?!?

Leila said...

Hee hee, that's very funny about the beer bottles! I'm thinking they are root beer bottles (which we get from Trader Joe's and look very much like the real thing) because they had bacon pizza for lunch and we all know that those boys are as pure as the driven snow, and probably liked the idea of root beer with their pizza. However, I will ask :)

Anne R Triolo said...

Wow, the house is looking great! So bright and cheerful. That will be a comfort during the fast approaching winter.

I am excited to see your finished kitchen. I hope you keep the bells though. I like them.

Anne R Triolo said...

also, it is a beautiful house. I hope you weren't serious about regretting it. It is one of my favorite houses I have ever met. I've always been a little sorry my parents didn't beat you to it. Although I have enjoyed having you live there!

M. Alexander said...

We have a barn that we turned the upstairs of into a work out room with cast off equipment from freecycle. There were 3 bats hanging up in the top of the roof. I immediately dispatched the boys to shoot them down with their pellet guns. They did a masterful job and you know what I hear from my husband???? They eat mosquitos. Do I freaking care if they eat mosquitos- NO. I'd rather die of malaria than rabies- that's my optimistic take on things.

I can't wait to tell him about this.

I'm glad Will's okay and he really took a bullet for the family didn't he? If I were him I would find a way to exploit that.

Nefertitichild said...

Good eye, Suki - good eye. I hadn't noticed the bottles.
You should be an RA.

Petula said...

Whew, your family looks busy and fun! Congratulations to the newly engaged. :)

I have a 17 year old who is also graduating. She oozes senioritis.