Friday, August 22, 2008

You are about to discover how many vacation pictures you can really stand.

Every road trip starts with the right snacks and the right headgear (when your Suburban no longer has air conditioning, that is!).
And quite a bit of gas. When you have a Suburban.

Hyannis was fun! We had a great view of the Kennedy compound from the little beach where we hung out, and if you know us, you know just how much we appreciated that. :) It's kind of off to the right in this picture -- oops, I think it's cut off here, too bad.

Here's dear Rosie with what might be the world's oldest beach towel:
Now, see that house behind Rosie, on her right? Well, the one to the left of that, behind her and out of view, is Paul Wiley's! Remember him? From Olympic skating? Never mind.

We made friends with a family from Wisconsin. This is Lauren, their daughter, playing cards with Bridget:

The obligatory burial in sand. Ask Nick if he cares!

Life is tough -- sometimes it's a little breezy and you actually have to hold on to your beach umbrella!

Seriously, it was the fastest week I have ever experienced. We lay on the beach, read, played cards, ate, and swam. What could be better?

We enjoyed a Cape Cod League game with the Hyannis Mets (soon to be Ospreys):
More sitting, reading:

For a change, sitting and reading at Nauset Beach:

These waves are a bit daunting:

And since we're dressed up for Mass, a little photo op. Sisters:

Brothers. What, you only have a red shirt?
Oh, lucky I brought a white one too!