Monday, June 16, 2008


This entry from the NYTimes Metropolitan Diary reminded me of, well, me:

Dear Diary:

On a crowded Q train bound for Manhattan, a woman in gray standing in front of me told a lady in blue next to her that a “roach” was crawling on her shoulder.

The lady in blue flicked the bug in panic, and it flew off, landing on the gray lady’s chest. The gray lady jumped in anger as she flicked the “roach” onto the next person.

That set off a chain reaction in which people started hopping, dodging and yelping in the crowded train.

The bug wasn’t a cockroach; it was a gnat.

Finally, all calmed down and the woman in gray sheepishly said to me:

“Well, I had to tell her. You know, conductors keep saying if you see something, say something, so I said something.”

A chorus of laughter swept the train. Tinmarla Oo

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