Sunday, March 09, 2008

Not exactly sure what to think about this.

And the Band Played Badly

In a way, I think it's great. Music really shouldn't be just a professional's game. But does it sound too much like they're relishing how bad they are instead of trying to improve?

In any case, the column is funny.


Mom said...

Sounds like when Will and his friends decide to "play music" -- how funny!

Nefertitichild said...

That is really funny. I appreciate the fact that they recognize that it's ridiculous to think of charging for their concerts.
Their sincerity is very refreshing, considering there are many people who would deem this some kind of deep, groundbreaking artistic project, establish it as a monumental work of modern art, and make it one of the pricier acts in town.

I also tend to think that they should be trying harder to improve; but I guess the catch there is that they'd be afraid of estranging new, horrible members if they get better as a group.