Monday, March 17, 2008

I think I could be a Literary Critic

Here is a sample of the brilliance I spent all of yesterday sifting through in order to write my English paper for tomorrow:

"Here again, it is the sense of hybridity and recontextualisation that is being foregrounded with respect to the different languages and cultures which acted as influences on his developing consciousness. "

And no, the context of that outrageous sentence did not lend it any glimmer of reason.

(Or should I say, the source-process and surrounding elements which nourished it both as an entity and as an integral part of a wholism could not support its ultimate syntactical destination in order to provide it with the means to express itself unto its flourishing descriptivity.)

I mean, is there any other job for which you get as much respect by spouting nonsense and flagrantly making up words? Because I feel like that would be easy money, and I'm up for it.


Rosie said...

wow. that's some first-rate garble there. I had a little collection of similarly unintelligible stuff in college... I wonder what happened to it? We could have a jargon-off...!

Suki said...

Hello, I'm taking an Ethnomusicology course. I win.

Mom said...

I am really impressed and a little afraid of your parody. It's almost...too good.