Friday, January 25, 2008

Christmas pictures

Midnight Mass is lovely, but the next day, boy is it hard to get everyone dressed and up for a picture. Yet, don't we all want to remember Christmas Day when we're all together? Yes, of course.

It's also a little cold outside (!) -- but Deirdre is right, pictures are better outside....

Please, people, could we just get organized....

That's so nice! (Did I pick the right one?)

This one's nice too...

You guys are so funny!

Girls don't mind staying out for a sisters' picture...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My favorite part!!! (other than the sweet tea)

I almost forgot my favorite part of Charleston--the swings! There was a long pier over the harbor (or bay, or something), with several big porch swings along it. Swings and oceans, two of my very favorite things!

We found them on Sunday, and tried to go back Friday evening, but an unexpected downpour stopped us.This is funny because I look like a midget.

Road signs

This is a little random, but I passed these signs twice a day all week long and got a kick out of them every time. Look closely at the gas station sign.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

South Carolina

Here are some pictures from South Carolina. I have lots more, to be displayed on demand.

On Sunday, the first day we were down there, we went to Mass at the Cathedral in Charleston and then walked around the c
ity. Here's a picture that I took out the window of my van as we looked for parking.

You may think, hey, that's a neat building. And you'd be right. But that's not the point. Let's take a closer look:Daughters of what? That's right, Confederacy.

Here's one of the girls on the trip, Marissa, in front of one of my favorite houses.Here's what the house looked like when we got there:That's old carpet hanging on the bottom, and a collapsed concrete porch. We redid the roof, tore off the old carpet and hung vinyl skirting around the bottom, built new front and back porches, redid windows, fixed plumbing, and redid the floor and a wall of one room (there may have been other things that I can't remember). Mostly I worked on the room inside, of which I sadly don't have any pictures. Instead I'll list the power tools I used: nail gun, staple gun, circle saw, sawzall, chop saw, table saw, drill. I think that's it.

Sawzall in action, destroying the old back porch:

(I know, I know, I should be wearing glasses. Most of the time I did, I promise!)

Here's the house at the end of the week (this is the opposite side of the house):
Here's the whole group in front of the house. The owner is standing in the back, holding up the welcome mat we gave her.On Friday we finished up whatever little things we had left, and then the owner cooked us a Southern lunch--a bunch of different types of fish (all fried), fried chicken, and red rice. Then we had a little fun.
Yes, I went in the ocean in January.