Sunday, December 16, 2007

In which we continue bonus features.

Easter: here you see things in somewhat reverse order: the Easter table, an egg of Deirdre's, hot cross buns for Good Friday.


Will: "Hey Jojo, can you give me a ride?

Joseph: Absolutely not.

Will: Jojo, you're watching a college basketball game from 1979. You have absolutely nothing to do. How long have you been watching this?

Joseph: …A while.


We had a fun trip to D.C. in late May to deliver Joseph to his internship at the Heritage Foundation. It turns out that Bridget really loves fountains.

This is not the best picture, but it brings up a hysterical memory: We were getting ready to go out, and Rosie casually took a bunch of quite long strands of beads, gave them a twist, and put them on. As she was adjusting them, they arranged themselves in a chokehold around her neck. Ensuing panic! She really didn't want us to cut them, so Deirdre and I took turns trying to untangle them and also calm her down, which wasn't easy! Phil took a nap... for quite a while.

The lovely carousel at Glen Echo Park in Maryland, where the park has been made into a sort of landmark and arts center, with contra dancing!
Deirdre: Arrgh! Will, just leave! Arrgh! Somebody get me a rope!

Will: What are you gonna do, lasso me?


Will: That place [we can't remember what he was talking about] would be hugely successful if there were any rhyme or reason – not even rhyme AND reason, just at least either rhyme OR reason – to it.


Deirdre: Crispy [her pet name for Bridget]! I'm gonna eat you for dinner!

Bridget: Well then, I don't have to worry about it until after lunch.


Will: This pancake is so good! It's like a fine cigar.


Rosie [to herself during Mass]: And whatever you do, don't plan menus!


Bridget took this picture of Joseph's bonfire with his friends, and really got everyone to ham it up!

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Joseph Lawler said...

No, Bridget did not get us to ham it up in that last picture. look at the fire -- it was insanely hot. We were all in severe pain.