Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Heidi

Can't you just see the Alps and hear the goats?

Isaac is Tintin!


Suki said...

I love Bridgie's costume! It's perfect.

Who is standing next to Sal in the group picture?

Nefertitichild said...

Those are some hilarious costumes and CUTE kids. Yeah, who's the headless horseman (funniest costume!) and who's the solider?

Rosie said...

She looks fabulous.
I love Tintin, too, and all the others. Especially Abe Lincoln.

Mom said...

Next to Sal is Patrick G. as a Civil War soldier. Then come Sal's siblings -- Eleanor is Clara Barton, Edmund is Abe, and Carl is a Civil War general (Joshua Chamberlain). (That family is studying the Civil War!)

The headless horseman is Kate from next door, and let me tell you, that costume was from hell. It inflated, which if you think about it, means that it got pretty hot inside. The poor thing kept having to unzip along the way -- she was covered in sweat. Homemade costumes are better!