Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brussels Sprouts harvest

So I planted enough Brussels Sprouts (four plants) to harvest for Thanksgiving, I hoped. And that is just what happened! Even though the plants actually had frost on them when I brought them in, finally, just before Thanksgiving, they were excellent and made a generous dish for the feast.
I cooked them with chestnuts from the trees on the lane and onions from the garden (and butter, and cream:)


Rosie said...

You did a great job growing them, and I admit that I actually probably even enjoyed them.

But I'm totally claiming the cooking of the sprouts for myself.

Mom said...

Right,right; Rosie cooked them. When I say I cooked them, I mean it the way I say "I painted the den" or "I fixed the ceiling in the bathroom" -- in the sense that I gave birth to the people who did these things, and hence can claim all I want about anything I want.
The Brussels Sprouts were good -- I did a good job on those! :)