Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Slovak Seminar

Following Deirdre's lead, I thought I'd post some pictures from my trip to Slovakia this summer. First, some from the Slovak Seminar on the Free Society (ie, the excuse for the trip).

A1: My dear friends (and tourguides for much of my visit) Lucia and Stefan greet me at the airport.
A2, A3, A4: Bratislava
B1: Devin Castle, outside of Bratislava
B2: The seminar participants and professors at Devin Castle
B3: After an ultimate frisbee game in front of Bratislava castle
B4: Waiting outside of the seminary where we were staying in Bratislava
C1: The view from Trencin castle (yes, there are castles everywhere in Slovakia)
C2, C3, C4: In the town of Spiss and at Spiss Castle
D4: Some Slovaks enjoying our 4th of July BBQ at the foot of the castle (very traditional American celebration)
D2, D3: Climbing the High Tatras mountains
D4: A scene from the skit on "Slovak cultural night," the last night of the seminar. They're trying to arrange a marriage between their children.
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