Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures from Grandpa's funeral

Grandpa's wake and funeral are events that are still in our hearts. Having almost everyone there to mourn and rejoice was a true blessing (and you were there in spirit, Myles, and I bet Gerry can figure out how to photoshop you in!).

After the funeral and burying, a mercy meal was served in the church hall (I love the idea and the name of "mercy meal"!). So we had a chance for pictures...

of almost all the grandchildren:

...and three generations and spouses (somehow John Voorhees didn't hear the call to join -- more work for the touch-up artist amongst us):

Grandma with Mary Ellen and Sally:

When the meal and pictures were over, Grandma sat with her grandchildren, and began reminiscing....

and the storytelling continued...

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