Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More from Slovakia

After the seminar, I spent another week or so touring around Slovakia with Lucia and Stefan as my native guides...

A1: Traditional Slovak dancers at the celebration for the feast of Cyril and Methodius
A2: The cellars at Cerveny Camen (another castle)
A3: The monastery at Katarinka, which is in the process of being restored by teams of volunteers
A4, B1, B2: Banska Stiavnitsa
B3: after a tour of the mine for which Banska Stiavnica is famous
B4: The tiny village of Vlkolinec (permanent population: 9)
C1, C2, C3: more from Banska Stiavnica
C4: the ceiling of the church in Banska Bystrica
D1: enjoying a traditional Slovak meal
D2: enjoying the traditional giant carved wooden... rooster... in Vlkolinec (there actually were all sorts of wooden totem pole-type carved things around)
D3, D4: On an amazingly beautiful hike in Janosikove diery.

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