Monday, August 06, 2007


Row A -- Views from two of the bridges. The river is definitely one of the glories of the city.
B1 & B2 -- The famous Duomo of Florence, interior and exterior. The inside and outside of the building are from different time periods, and the contrasting styles definitely reflect that. It's an absolutely stunning structure, and very much the heart of the city.
C4 -- Disappointed after a fountain failed me; we were very thirsty.
D2 -- One of the many many cashmere vendors in the flea market by St. Lawrence Church. An overwhelming amount of color! Florence is the place to go if you need to buy scarves, beautiful paper goods, or leather (good smells...).
D1, 3, &4 -- More bridge views.


Rather than try to post the hundreds of pictures from our jaunt in Europe, I decided to consolidate some of the best ones into collages. Here's the first, in order of our trip.

I'll establish a labeling system along the Column/Row lines -- so the columns are 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the rows are A, B, etc.

A1 & A2: Our hostel bedroom balcony and view.
A3: In front of La Scala!
A4: The famous Galleria which runs between La Scala and the Duomo
B1: Some of the dazzling windows at the rear of the Duomo
B2: The University (of Milan?)
B3: The first gelato of the trip
B4: A beautiful painting I cannot identify... sorry
C1: Inside the Duomo -- the amazing parquet floor! That church was one of my favorites of the whole trip
C2: Typical Milanese architecture
C3: On the grand canal in Milan; a big nightlife strip (not that you can tell from the photo)