Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We're Not Tourists, Really -- We Live Here

Heading out to see the Cherry Blossoms, we were in a fairly good mood. Rosie graced our 5 minute ride with some singing.

Then we got to the Tidal Basin, and found out that the trees were a little... bare.

Well ok, they weren't that bad. That, in fact, is not a cherry tree. It's just pretty.

As you can see, there was still some beautiful foliage.

But overall, the trees had a light, feathery, lacy, post-high winds presence. The Cherry Blossom Festival website had termed them "past-peak."

After taking this picture, Rosie and I looked at it on the teeny screen on the camera and said, "ooh, that's a nice one." Then I loaded it onto the computer and said, "ooh. We're a bit drawn-looking, huh?" Well, it was Good Friday. We'd also been preetty short on sleep. We'll cut ourselves some slack here.

You know Rosie... I just couldn't stop her from climbing all over the monuments. She really is embarrassing sometimes. We all know how much I hate people who make a spectacle of themselves in public.

That's more like it.

We received a warning about treating the trees properly. Naturally, we took this warning very seriously. In fact, Rosie took it so seriously that she felt we really ought to have a photo to remember it. Now, when we go back next year, we'll know in advance how to treat the trees. Who wouldn't want to take advice about tree care from a beaver?

As much fun as we had at the Jefferson Memorial, I have to say... there were some slippery conditions. We really should have had proper warning.

Like I said, I hate it when people make spectacles of themselves.

And evening fell before we got back to the car. Time to get back home for some more cooking/baking/Easter prep.

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