Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Food

For Lorraine's Poping, Rosie made a beautiful and delicious trifle (much to my excitement). The dish featured
- cake
- orange liqueur
- blackberry syrup (of her creation)
- candied almonds
- whipped cream
- custard
- strawberries
- black berries

It was to die for.

My contributions: apricot bites with a chevre goat cheese mixture and pecans

And crackers with smoked gouda, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes. (Well, I did other things too... like Lorraine's hair. But that's unrelated.)

(Most of) The full spread: note Rosie's eggplant spread, pita toasts, and fruit salad. The spinach dip was still heating up at this point.

There's a glimpse of my dark chocolate cheesecake.

For Easter Sunday itself: Ba'lawa and eggplant/pepper/feta/basil salad. We had many other delicious things at the Minsons (thank you Minsons! :) )

C'mon boys, don't tell me you don't actually enjoy seeing pictures of good food.

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Jen said...

Well, I finished the ba'lawa for breakfast today. Truly your finest batch yet! And we finished the salad tonight. Quite yummy! Thanks for all the pictures!