Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winding up the outtake roundup.

The view from our porch of an early fall evening....

This post and the three that precede it contain random pictures from the past year and quotes that didn't make it into the yearbook we send with our Christmas cards. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed saying them!

We would love if you left a comment. Even a teensy one! And if you didn't get a yearbook (really, a piece of paper), I would be happy to send it to you if you let me know (well, I will mail them tomorrow, so you might wait a bit). I mean, if I know you.

Thanks for dropping by! Let us hear from you!

Will put in yeoman's work on the house after Joseph got it prepped.

We went camping in New Hampshire. Here is Bridget with Maggie by the ice cold stream.


Mom: You know what the problem is? They make these cords too short.

Deirdre: Yeah, that's so annoying. Why do they make them so short?

Mom: It's for SAFETY. Whatever. Of course, it's not safe if I take this cord and strangle the person who made it...

Deirdre: That's ok. Let bygones be bygones, what?
Sukie [in agreement]: What.


The garden in late summer.


Phil [Regarding guests who hadn’t arrived yet]: Are these people gonna leave?!


Will: I think I just got a concussion. From snorting watermelon into my brain.


Jumping ahead to Thanksgiving, at which we neglected to take a picture of us all together:



Joseph: Ugh! This tastes like the devil and all his demons.
Deirdre: ...Have you tasted them?
[Long pause. Glare.]
Joseph: Who hasn't.


[Entering, speaking overly brightly] Will: Good morning, all.
Papa [answering in the same vein]: And good morning to you!
Mom: Oh no, now there's two of you.


Rosie: Ooh, vacation! I'll cook fun things for people I love!


Relaxation, girl-style.


Bridget [to Will]: It's nice when we're actually nice to each other. It makes a big...
Will: Shut up!
Bridget: ...difference.

Rosie: I'd be like a traffic light. Except only the orange part.
Deirdre: There is no orange part.


Deirdre: This has been very hard to eat. [Looks at Rosie's utensils] Fork and knife is so revolutionary.


Rosie: [thoughtfully]: I bet that we could bounce on our toes much longer than your average person could.


Just before Nick left after Thanksgiving, we took a walk up Dexter Drumlin.

More from this year.

Bridget received a lovely gift from Aunt Fran earlier in the year -- a violin that was given to Fran by her Uncle Walter. Here Bridget plays with her when she visited us the day after Grandpa's funeral.

We got part of the house painted this year... thanks to the boys who worked very hard on it. Keep in mind that this surface area -- part of the back of the house -- is the surface area of many whole houses :(

Bridget: You know what the problem is with calling this a family feature? Boys just aren't gonna want to watch A Little Princess.

Deirdre: What if it's a family of all women?

Bridget: Well, they just can't take those chances.


Will: Time is overrated. You can quote me on that.


Sukie: Dude, I already want to drop out of school again [first week].


Will: How do you spell throat? Never mind. No! How do you spell throat?!


We got a new kitten, Gypsy.


Sukie: Oh my goodness, I totally want this to be my quote.
Listen: "Brownies are great, because they're basically chocolate, with more surface area."
That's just. so. deep.


Mary Claire came to visit with her mom, Susan, and we spent an afternoon in Marblehead.


Habou: I don't want these people telling me about high blood pressure. "Oh, your blood pressure is kinda high!" Get another job!


Mom [regarding some flavored soda she doesn't approve of on account of the bad ingredients; it was left here, not bought by us]: The point is that you don't ingest it. I don't care how you don't obtain it.


Mary Claire helped find a kitty to keep Gypsy company. His name is Farouk. "Maybe we'll find a kitty at a yard sale," Habou said, and we did!

More internship pictures: Here Joseph is with his roommate, Mike:

If you click on this picture, you might recongnize some famous people, good friends of Joseph's:


In which we continue bonus features.

Easter: here you see things in somewhat reverse order: the Easter table, an egg of Deirdre's, hot cross buns for Good Friday.


Will: "Hey Jojo, can you give me a ride?

Joseph: Absolutely not.

Will: Jojo, you're watching a college basketball game from 1979. You have absolutely nothing to do. How long have you been watching this?

Joseph: …A while.


We had a fun trip to D.C. in late May to deliver Joseph to his internship at the Heritage Foundation. It turns out that Bridget really loves fountains.

This is not the best picture, but it brings up a hysterical memory: We were getting ready to go out, and Rosie casually took a bunch of quite long strands of beads, gave them a twist, and put them on. As she was adjusting them, they arranged themselves in a chokehold around her neck. Ensuing panic! She really didn't want us to cut them, so Deirdre and I took turns trying to untangle them and also calm her down, which wasn't easy! Phil took a nap... for quite a while.

The lovely carousel at Glen Echo Park in Maryland, where the park has been made into a sort of landmark and arts center, with contra dancing!
Deirdre: Arrgh! Will, just leave! Arrgh! Somebody get me a rope!

Will: What are you gonna do, lasso me?


Will: That place [we can't remember what he was talking about] would be hugely successful if there were any rhyme or reason – not even rhyme AND reason, just at least either rhyme OR reason – to it.


Deirdre: Crispy [her pet name for Bridget]! I'm gonna eat you for dinner!

Bridget: Well then, I don't have to worry about it until after lunch.


Will: This pancake is so good! It's like a fine cigar.


Rosie [to herself during Mass]: And whatever you do, don't plan menus!


Bridget took this picture of Joseph's bonfire with his friends, and really got everyone to ham it up!

In which we recap the year in random pictures and quotes that didn't make the yearbook

Every year during the Christmas break we laboriously and hilariously make a gingerbread fantasia of some kind. The kitchen gets coated in a thin layer of powdered sugar and everyone is heartily sick of candy and pretzels by the time we are done. This year we did a train station. Here you see it ready to be demolished at Bridget's birthday party (hence the upraised spoon -- all implements are drafted for the job).


Will [About a delicate girl]: I feel like I could break her in half.

Deirdre: You think you could break everyone in half.

Will: No, just a few people. And they're mostly you.


Phil [telling a heartwarming story about large families]: I hope you all are acutely aware of this: it’s better to have brothers and sisters than say, an ATV.

[general assent]

Deirdre: Oh, Papa, don’t you think we are acutely aware of the fact that we don’t have an ATV?


Bridget got her ears pierced for her 10th birthday.


Sukie [to Deirdre]: ...and you can borrow bikes for free from the tourist center and ride all over. Of course, I'm kinda scared of bikes. Especially of biking with you, as a matter of fact.


Will: If you could have a child that was the best looking in the world or the smartest in the world, which would you want?

Mom: As our family shows, best looking and smartest go together…. That's why we're so ugly and stupid.


And Sukie's buche de noel from New Year's Eve:

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Finally getting around to posting some of my Thanksgiving photos...

I don't have too many, but they can mostly be grouped into two categories. First, Feasting.

And second, Scowling at the Camera. (I love these)

However, there was a gem or two from that third category, Beautiful People.


The mother of one of my students lent me a dvd the other day, and attached to it was this note:

The best part?
This is the film she wants my opinion on:

What is our guess? Biased towards Cromwell?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bridget's quilt

I've been making each child a quilt, a project that has taken me about 25 years. (And they are not big quilts.) (And now I realize that I didn't exactly know what I was doing at first, and should really start over.)
Here is Bridget's -- I'm done!

Brussels Sprouts harvest

So I planted enough Brussels Sprouts (four plants) to harvest for Thanksgiving, I hoped. And that is just what happened! Even though the plants actually had frost on them when I brought them in, finally, just before Thanksgiving, they were excellent and made a generous dish for the feast.
I cooked them with chestnuts from the trees on the lane and onions from the garden (and butter, and cream:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Papa's talk at Magnificat on education

The whole time he was speaking, I was wishing that you could hear him... it was so good...
Magnificat is a little choir school started by Paul Jernberg. I like what he's doing!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nineteen turkeys in our back yard...

...apparently unaware of the calendar...(not all turkeys pictured here, O obnoxious counter of turkeys, I know you well)....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good Attitude

I feel like this is a very Lawler reaction.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Heidi

Can't you just see the Alps and hear the goats?

Isaac is Tintin!

Off to the Feis

Here is Bridget in her Bremer jumper, ready to go to the feis.
She could be a little nervous....

Friday, November 02, 2007

Lessons Learned from the Zoo

ps: I think this is the 100th post. That seems a little momentous. I shall mark the occasion by celebrating the People-Oak Relationship

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Visiting the girls in DC

This past weekend Phil, Bridget, and I visited the girls in DC. We had a great time! I didn't take too many pictures (maybe you girls can post yours), but I did get these outside the Newman Center at George Washington University, where Suzanne goes to school. The building is so pretty... those colors!

Not entirely in focus, but cute (I wish I would remember to put on my glasses before taking a picture so I can see what I'm doing):

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures from Grandpa's funeral

Grandpa's wake and funeral are events that are still in our hearts. Having almost everyone there to mourn and rejoice was a true blessing (and you were there in spirit, Myles, and I bet Gerry can figure out how to photoshop you in!).

After the funeral and burying, a mercy meal was served in the church hall (I love the idea and the name of "mercy meal"!). So we had a chance for pictures...

of almost all the grandchildren:

...and three generations and spouses (somehow John Voorhees didn't hear the call to join -- more work for the touch-up artist amongst us):

Grandma with Mary Ellen and Sally:

When the meal and pictures were over, Grandma sat with her grandchildren, and began reminiscing....

and the storytelling continued...