Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At the beach

Jojo, Deirdre, and I spent Sunday at the beach in Little Compton RI. It was a perfect day, and the beach and town were beautiful.


Elizabeth, Annie, me

Annie's self-portrait.

Deirdre getting some help on the sand castle/fortress from some random kid. What you can't see is his friend who sprinted all the way down the beach and back again to bring his tools (we didn't have any).

Steve, Jojo, Nate

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I decided to ditch the big freezer. Its seal is broken and it was nearly empty after the Cape anyway.

Other than the milk jugs full of ice that I kept in there to keep it running efficiently (well, less inefficiently).
So when I asked the boys to take it out of the garage and let it drain, naturally they found a way to have fun with the ice jugs...

If I only got two pictures...

I guess it's okay that these are they.
I need better batteries!
Anyway, we had fun on the Cape even with all the driving to the baseball camp in Falmouth.
Will learned some new mechanics.
Luke got a sunburn.
The water at Nauset beach is COLD.