Monday, November 06, 2006

Fall Break, part 2

The day after our Charlottesville trip with the Witherspooners, I went with Peter to hike Old Rag in the Shenandoah National Park (we tried to use trail mix to bribe Deirdre into coming with us too, but we were ultimately unsuccessful). It took all day, but was a really fun hike (towards the end you have to make your way through what is essentially an obstacle course made out of mountain), and an absolutely beautiful day - well worth the drive!

Here we are starting out, fresh as... cucumbers, basically. (I realize I'm using the wrong simile, and that cucumbers are supposed to be cool, but we're that too, I'm sure)

Since it was such a beautiful fall Saturday, there were millions of people who had the same idea we did, and we ended up actually having to wait in line for quite a while to get through some tricky bits of the hike. This was one of those places; it wasn't that bad in terms of the hold-up, but you can see that there are two huge boulders you have to squeeze between (that's what the guy in the plaid is doing). Someone told us that if you're too fat, you could get stuck - I wonder what happens then?

There were lots of "perched" rocks like these. Mostly we climbed over them, usually scaling the sheer face of the stone using only our bare hands.

The view from the top:

Note that we're still exactly as fresh as cucumbers.

This was near the bottom of the mountain; you can see the peak where we were through the trees.

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Suki said...

I assume that you're lying about scaling rocks with your bare hands, but being anywhere near those things would freak me out completely. Just because they haven't fallen yet doesn't mean they're never going to...

At the part where you went between the rocks, why couldn't you just kinda climb over them? They don't look that big. Maybe I'm not getting the idea from the picture.

I'd say that you look fresh as daisies.