Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At the beach

Jojo, Deirdre, and I spent Sunday at the beach in Little Compton RI. It was a perfect day, and the beach and town were beautiful.


Elizabeth, Annie, me

Annie's self-portrait.

Deirdre getting some help on the sand castle/fortress from some random kid. What you can't see is his friend who sprinted all the way down the beach and back again to bring his tools (we didn't have any).

Steve, Jojo, Nate


Nefertitichild said...

I love that picture of the boys because their faces look all rugged and scowl-y (Nate looks postiviely moustached), but they're betrayed by the pink towel and the "team squirrel" shirt. And then, upon closer observation, truth becomes clear: their facial expressions are perfectly spelled out by the message on their snack container. And they're not kidding.

Suki said...

Look closely at the lady over Nate's shoulder. Is she undressing???

Nefertitichild said...

I had had that same concern, actually...