Thursday, June 15, 2006

Once Upon A Time a Turtle

Deirdre to Mom: Hi Mum
Mom to Deirdre: There's a hugh turtle in the front yard!
Deirdre to Mom: A turtle?
Mom to Deirdre: Yeah! Go look!

Deirdre to Bridget: C'mon Bridget! Let's go look at the turtle!

Can you find the turtle in the picture?

Deirdre to Bridget: Wow that thing's huge!
Bridget to Deirdre: I know!
Deirdre to Bridget: Oh my gosh there are a bajillion mosquitoes out here!
Bridget to Deirdre: I know!
Deirdre to Mosquitoes: Ew! Ack! Argg! Die! Gross! Go Away!
Deirdre to Bridget: Ew it's wicked buggy! They're eating me!
Bridget to Deirdre: I know! Ew!
Deirdre to Briget: Alright, let's see if we can get some pictures...

Can you see the turtle now?

Deirdre to Bridget: Shoot! The camera's about to run out of batteries. Stupid camera! Ow!
Bridget to Deirdre: Aw! Haha, look at him!
Deirdre to Bridget: I know he's so funny! And huge! Arg these bugs are everywhere!
Bridget to Deirdre: I know!
Deirdre to Camera: C'mon! C'mon!
Turtle to Disruptive Girls: ________________

This turtle's no joke. That shell is bigger and shinier than a bald Lawler head or, say, a sizable platter.

Mom to Girls (from porch): Don't get too close!
Bridget to Mom: What?
Mom to Girls: Don't get to close!!
Deirdre to Self: I'm feeling about as threatened by this turtle as I usually feel by a moss-covered golf cart without wheels.
Girls to Mom: Okay!
Bridget to Deirdre: Did you get one really close up! Look at his funny face!
Deirdre to Bridget: Eh, the camera's dying on me. Ow! The bugs are eating me alive!
Bridget to Deirdre: Look at him! Haha! He's like, "ooo" "eh?" "hey!" "wow!"
Deirdre to Bridget: Yeeaah.
Deirdre to Self/Bugs: &@(*!#$!*

Deirdre to Suki: Hey Suki, there's a huge turtle outside! You should go see it!

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