Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poetry Reading

I'm doing poetry with my 7th graders, and on the last day before Easter break we read some Edward Lear limericks, then wrote some of our own. A few of the girls got really into it at the time, and during their science class later in the day they kept coming to me with ones they had written (apparently in science they had some time to kill, as they were studying erosion and were watching water drip on the ground... literally).

Anyway, so when we got back from vacation one of them came to me with a whole bunch that she had written - I present here, for your amusement, the best (in my opinion) one of the bunch.

Limerick #1
by A.R., 7th grade

There once was a lonely old hag,
Whose possessions numbered one rag.
But with cunning and skill
And against the man's will
A husband she managed to snag.

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Nefertitichild said...

Haha! That's brilliant.