Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You Know You're a Lawler Kid When...

12) You can curse better in arabic than you can in English.

11) You bristle anytime someone says "My mom makes the best..."

10) You brewed beer long before you drank a bottle.

9) You aren't phased by many kids sprinting towards a large, multi-passenger car screaming, "middle-middle! middle-middle!" "middle-left! middle-left!"

8) You dread asking for seconds of your favorite dinner, lest it be followed by, "More chicken? More chicken? Lovely day!"

7) You dread bringing friends home for dinner lest they fail to want seconds -- immediately.

6) You would rather eat dirt than say anything good about Derek Jeter or A-Rod.

5) The dirtiest word you've ever heard your father say is Blast!

4) You don't "unload the dishwasher," you "deal with the dishes." You don't "fold the clothes," you "deal with the laundry." You don't "prepare a video for recording" you "deal with the tape." In fact, half of the verbs in your vocabulary can be substituted by the word "deal."

3) The phrases dudehogger, "hecky Moses", traipsing fluid, and "Theaws a Bwiggow, theaws a Bwiggow, theaws a Bwiggow, in da vinciteee!" mean anything to you.

2) If you See That Road Over There...

1) You develop a profound pyschological disorder if you are deprived of ice cream for more than a week.


Suki said...

Ummm...Pop totally says bad words.

#1 explains why I'm feeling so disordered recently...sigh. Only a few more weeks!!

rosie said...

I dunno, which is worse: "blast!" or "son of a gun!"?

Um, I don't get #8. Is it a tone of voice thing that I'm just not able to get, or am I secretly not a Lawler kid?

Suki said...

Duh, Rosie! It's a quote from Penrod that certain people (probably mostly Mom and I) say every time someone asks for chicken. To be fair, we have cut back on it recently.

We always knew someone with hair that blond couldn't really be our sister...

Wilson said...

Blast is totally not the worst word Pop says, you haven't heard him merge onto 495 very often, have you?